The Voices

The Voices

I have been looking forward to watching “The Voices” since I read about it’s release back in 2014. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to catch it until recently (it’s on Netflix now!)

At first glance, the film is a whacky comedy. A pre-Deadpool Ryan Reynolds plays a naive and troubled kid who accidentally commits a crime and then comes off his meds to try and escape from his actions.  The voices in his head manifest in his pets, a judgemental Scottish cat who tells him to do bad things, and a forgiving dog that tells him he’s not to blame.  Without his meds, his situation gets worse, while he tries to convince himself everything is fine and normal.

Although there are some real laughs, there is an underlying sadness. Jerry is a lonely guy desperate to connect with someone. He’s had the worst possible start in life, and there was never really any hope for him.

The most surprising part of the film is when the camera shows Jerry from the point of view of his victim.  I hadn’t realised the film was showing what was in Jerry’s head instead of reality.  Seeing the true squalor of Jerry and his life shows him as a more traditional serial killer, and there is a genuine moment of terror.

This is an unexpectedly entertaining and touching film, with just enough wackiness.