I always knew this post would be one of the harder posts to write.  I can talk for hours about make-up, beauty dilemmas, and give an opinion on most topics, so a blog should be no problem once I get up and running.  But therein lies the problem, how do I get started?

The thought of this “first” post has been a source of dread for a while now.  While my blog was coming along beautifully and I should have been preparing my first few posts, I couldn’t help but avoid actually writing – I feel incredibly embarrassed!  I think it is natural to feel slightly uncomfortable talking about yourself, especially when nobody has actually asked…

I considered looking back at some of my favourite blogs, searching for their first post for inspiration, but I felt that was getting off to a bad start, as I want to find my own style (cringe!).

However, regardless of how this post turns out, no matter the content or clever angle I try to take, I will look back and cringe.  As an experienced writer, I know my style and tone will change as I become comfortable (and, dare I say it? confident) with writing, so when I look back, this post won’t seem like it was written by the same person.

And the pressure!  The first post is so important, it’s the first impression.  Rather than scrutinising my fashion choices (safe) and my hair (big, messy)… something much more personal is being judged.  This isn’t a first impression based on looks, it’s judging what’s underneath that, presented in just a few paragraphs.

Anyway, this is turning into an Oscar winners speech, so I will wrap it up: