1. Blogging

That’s right, blogging!  As you’ve probably noticed I’ve taken a few months off.  I started this blog at a particularly busy time in my life: I had recently graduated but was feeling underwhelmed at work.  I loved the job I had but it wasn’t challenging, and I often felt dissatisfied.  I spoke to a friend who was in a similar situation, but she told me her blog helped her feel satisfied when her work didn’t – so, full of hope, I set up my own blog.

It must have helped at least to boost my positivity as I soon seriously upped my job-hunting game, but that left me with little time to write.  Until finally – I got a new job!  And it’s a wonderful job in a great company!  BUT: I work long hours (zzz), I have to travel a bit to get there (zzzzzz), and I work pretty hard (ZZZZZZ).  So inevitably I had little time for family, friends, hobbies or a general life.  Fast forward to tonight and I am one day away from passing from three-month probation period.  I’ve now adjusted to my new routine and it’s time to re-focus and spend more time on things I love.  And that means putting aside a few hours a week to write.


2. Coffee

Nescafe Azera Americano

Nescafe Azera Americano









I recently discovered the Nescafe Azera range, and I am in love.  Normally I’m a coffee snob and only the real thing will do, however I was pleasantly surprised by Nescafe’s new range which compares itself to real barista coffee – and it certainly is the best instant coffee I’ve ever tasted!  Although my coffee maker gets plenty use at the weekend, this lovely instant is proving ideal for a quick weekday morning coffee.  I would love to know your favourite instant coffee?  And BTW: Coconut milk lattes.  THANK YOU Starbucks!


3. Autumn

Autumnal Wardrobe

Autumnal Wardrobe






AAAAH finally!  Summer is over, and Autumn is here!  Technically there’s still a slither of summer to go, but when Debenhams turns into an Autumnal haven of mustard, rust and purple: it’s Autumn for me.  More on my Autumn haul in another post, and in the meantime you can ditch that ridiculous crop top!


4. My birthday

Birthday Cake

I’m 28!



It was my birthday in August, and my birthday is definitely an August favourite.  I celebrated the weekend before with friends in Edinburgh at the Fringe Festival, and watched a couple of hilarious shows.  I celebrated the day with family and my favourite takeaway.  The weekend after I celebrated with my other half who treated me to shopping, dinner at my favourite restaurant and a film of my choice at the cinema (well, a compromise heavily to my favour!).  Finally, I celebrated last weekend with my Aberdeen friends with delicious tapas and some wine.  I love when my birthday celebrations last two weeks – I am a very lucky/ spoilt lady!

Thanks for reading, I’m glad to be back!